How to Get “Unstuck” When You Don’t Know the Next Step

How to Get Unstuck

Do you have a dream that is bigger than you know how to make a reality? Are you stuck because you feel like you need to “figure it all out” before you can start taking action? Whenever we seek growth, our old patterns usually rise up to pull us back into the familiar and keep us from moving forward. Delay is one of the favorite ways that the old pattern shows itself.  

It’s easy to think from a “Have – Do – Be” mentality: Once I “Have” the time, the resources or the know-how, then I’ll “Do” something to move forward so that I can “Be” the person I want to be. Unfortunately, when we think this way, there is no limit to what we believe we must “Have” before we can start “Doing.”

The way to move forward is to turn the “Have – Do – Be” mentality on its head. Shift it to a “Be – Do – Have” mindset.  How do you know what you want to “Be?” By setting a clear vision for what is that you would love. You don’t need to know the “How” to decide on your end-zone of possibility. You just need to be able to BELIEVE that it is possible.

Once you’ve set a clear vision of something that you would really love to be, do or have – the next step is to match the vibration or “feeling tone” of the person already living that vision. Use your Imagination. If you already had the career you love, how would you feel? If you had the relationship of your dreams, what would that look like and feel like for you? You match the vibration by deciding BEFORE your current circumstances have shifted to FEEL what the person living that life would feel.  

Getting started then becomes simple. You don’t need to know all the steps, just the next one that you can see to take. Go to the edge of that “light” and take that step. Like a car whose lights shine a few feet ahead, when you move forward a step, so does the edge of the light. You can drive across an entire country at night by seeing only the next few feet ahead. In the same way, you can move your way right into the life you’d love by focusing on the next step you can see and taking it.  

So, ask yourself. “If I had five minutes TODAY, what step could I take that would move me in the direction of my vision or dream?” Then take the step and watch the light move out ahead of you.

Here’s to baby steps!

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