Seeing Hope in Heartbreak

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Seeing Hope in Heartbreak

W​orld peace advocate Norman Cousins said, “Death is not the greatest loss. The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we still live.”

Heartbreak Can Be a Catalyst

What if your heartbreak wasn’t the end of everything good in your life? What if it was actually the catalyst that could launch you into the most incredible life you ever could live?

I know that sounds crazy, but it happened to me! I am living proof that it can happen for you!

I was devastated when my daughter, Darah, crossed over after a car accident at just 18 years old. I thought it was the end of our connection, and I truly felt that the only way to honor her life was to stop living mine.

But she wouldn’t let me! We were still connected!! When I found myself in a puddle of mess, inconsolably sobbing after looking at a picture of Darah on the wall, I heard her clearly tell me, “If just looking at me makes you cry, then don’t look at me until you can laugh and remember how much fun we had. I want my life to be more than your being sad.”

I began to feel as if Darah were telling me, over and over, that staying in pain wasn’t serving her, our family, or myself. She became my guide, stirring a life force in me that I didn’t even know existed!! 

Seeing Hope in Heartbreak

Today I literally see and feel Darah’s presence everywhere! One example is the balloon picture at the top of the page, which came up in a memory on Facebook.

Besides the star being center stage (Hi, Darah!), I love the string connecting heaven and earth. That is how it feels to me: We are still connected, and that eternal energy propels me to seek more, do more, and be more, every day!!

But the clouds can sometimes block our ability to see that connection and feel that life force. So if we can clear the clouds…ta da! Our epic life is within reach!!

Where are you seeing hope in heartbreak? What is the eternal energy of your loved one telling you? How could you take one step today to honor their life with your own audacious act? Share in the comments!!! 

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My Heartbreak, Healing, and Hope

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