When a Small Act of Kindness is “Good Enough”

When a Small Act of Kindness is Good Enough

When a Small Act of Kindness is “Good Enough”

Is that small act of kindness really “good enough?”

It’s easy for us to get caught up in thinking that a simple act of kindness is too small to really make any difference.  We might tell ourselves, “This gesture won’t even be noticed,” so we think it isn’t “good enough.” Or maybe we feel like we SHOULD be doing it, so then it doesn’t feel very kind or heartfelt.

But don’t underestimate the impact a seemingly small act of kindness can have in someone else’s life, and in your own!

Think back to a time when you were on the receiving end of a small gesture of kindness. Did you find yourself appreciating the love and kindness behind the gesture, regardless of the size of the deed?

So today, let’s focus on the actual act of “doing something small” with great love!

Try a Small Act of Kindness Today

Here are some small act-of-kindness ideas to try today:

  • Thank someone who inspired you or helped you in some way.
  • Purchase a coffee for the person behind you.
  • Pick up a piece of trash during your afternoon walk.
  • Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  • Smile at people you pass during your day.
  • Compliment someone you admire.
  • Take someone’s grocery cart back to the cart storage area.
  • Send a short message to someone just to let them know they matter to you!

These simple acts may be small in the grand scheme of life, but you need not worry about their size. As long as your INTENTION is to show love without receiving something in return, you can’t go wrong! 

Then be sure to notice to how much joy your small act — performed with great love — brings to your day!

And remember that your simple, yet love-filled act, may inspire others to do the same!

Share in the comments the small act of kindness you did or are planning to do today to help spread love and joy!

2 thoughts on “When a Small Act of Kindness is “Good Enough””

  1. I appreciate this reminder! You inspired me to write a thank you note (that I was going to put off!), and I will hand-deliver it today. Feels great to do that!


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