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Welcome Home!

I’m here to offer you a compassionate, loving, warm, grounded, and safe place to build an Epic Life from your Epic Loss. A place that feels like home.

Whether you’ve lost a loved one, your good health, a dream job, or something else you held dear, here you’ll find the support and resources you need to energetically pursue a full and flourishing life.   

If you allow it, your loss will become your most powerful and healing story! 

I know this because it happened to me.

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My Indescribable Pain

Ever since I was six, I’ve wondered about the purpose of life. Even in my young mind, it seemed senseless to simply attend school, get married, have kids, get a job, retire, and die. To what end? I was sure there was more to life, but I couldn’t articulate what.

And so I took the well-worn path that many others had trod before me. I went to school, got married, and had two children. It was comfortable and familiar, but ultimately led to the loss of my first marriage.

When I married my current husband, I left the Montana home I loved to make a new life with our blended family in an unfamiliar place. Part of me embraced the idea of shaking things up, but part of me was sure I would hate it

Sadly, I allowed bitterness to consume me. I longed for “home” almost daily for 12 years. I was often depressed, sulking my way through most days. My marriage suffered. My family suffered. Even worse, my father was also dying. Nothing in my life felt good.

Then, in 2008, tragedy struck. My 18-year-old daughter, Darah, was killed in a car accident, one year after her high school graduation.

I was devastated. My life was already a mess. With the loss of my beloved child, my world felt broken beyond repair. 

Is your loss keeping you from experiencing a life of meaning, joy, and purpose?

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The Surprise of My Life

After Darah’s passing, I was convinced that life offered nothing more and wanted nothing more from me. 

To my surprise, the complete opposite happened.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I grieved. Hard. I chastised myself for not doing more for Darah at the morgue. I cried uncontrollably when walking by her pictures on the wall. I was even afraid to rearrange my furniture for fear that Darah wouldn’t recognize our home if I changed anything.

But I also began to feel a life force — one I didn’t even know existed in me — rising up and propelling me to greater purpose. Sometimes I even heard Darah say things, like, “If just looking at my picture makes you cry, then don’t look until you can laugh and remember the fun we had. I want my life to mean more than your being sad.” I began to feel as if she were telling me, over and over, that staying in pain wasn’t serving her, our family, or me.

I began feverishly studying spirituality to understand what was going on. I discovered that connecting with a higher, universal power would help me do more than I ever imagined.

I also learned that death is not the end. Darah would, in fact, continue to have a positive impact on me and the world if I would just choose this path for myself.

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A Healing Purpose

I decided I would find a way to give meaning to my life — and all life — through Darah’s passing.

I started with small gestures, like being kinder, and putting positive memorials in the paper. As my pain became less raw, I spoke with others who had lost loved ones. We would commiserate, then talk about how to bring our loved ones with us in ways that honored their lives and harnessed their infinite energy. 

I began to see that my heartbreaking loss was allowing me to connect on a deeper level to help others heal. 

I had found my calling and was ready to pursue it.

I was drawn to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) after seeing its astonishing effects on family and friends. I enrolled in the acupuncture program at Northwestern Health Sciences University, earning Masters’ degrees in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I became a NCCAOM board-certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, a Licensed Oriental Medicine practitioner, and also had the unique opportunity to attend advanced studies at the First Teaching Hospital of TCM in Tianjin, China. 

As clients worked with me to reconnect mind, body, and spirit through acupuncture and Oriental medicine, many realized that the life they were living was not fulfilling their greatest desires. Their very souls ached for something more, but they didn’t know how to get there.

So I became certified as a DreamBuilder® Coach and Life Mastery™ Consultant in order to help them. 

I’d be honored to help YOU build your epic life, too!

Discover Your Epic Life!

My life is not magical because Darah died. It is magical because of what she taught me, in her short life and in her passing. 

Through her death, I discovered my connection to the ultimate power that holds this universe together.  Whether we refer to that power as God, Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, or Source is less important than knowing it connects us and offers us deeper meaning and greater significance. 

Living your life without connecting to this power is like having a car, but you push it instead of drive it. I will help you tap into this power to heal your heartbreak, feel the magic, see what you can manifest with unlimited beliefs, and really start living your Epic Life after Epic Loss!
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My Heartbreak, Healing, and Hope

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