It's Your Job to Keep Going

It’s Your Job to Keep Going

It's Your Job to Keep Going

There’s a great song by Alabama Shakes where the lead singer says, “Must be someone up above saying, come on girl, you gotta get back up.

That is exactly how it felt for me: that Darah was up above saying, “Come on, Mom, you’ve got to
get back up! There’s work for you to do. There’s life for you. You cannot sit and squalor your life away!”

Start with One Step

The first step that I took was to go on to acupuncture school. But life didn’t stop for me there!  Life continued on into a bigger, better version of my own self because that is the gift that we get from life.

Even in the face of death and the deepest loss you could ever experience, there is always a gift of more life FOR you and FROM you.

Don’t give up. It’s your job to keep going!

My Heartbreak, Healing, and Hope

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