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I Know Your Struggle

It’s all too common for people to feel stuck and unfulfilled in their lives. 
But when you experience a devastating loss, those feelings are amplified, and it’s often harder to find both the energy and courage to change your situation. I know this because I’ve been there.
As painful as my loss was, it was also the catalyst that propelled me to where I am today: leading a full and flourishing life without limits!
Now, as a certified coach using wisdom I gained from my own loss, I am ready to help you build your Epic Life from Epic Loss!
Check out my coaching options for ways I can help you rebuild your life, often better than before!
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My Credentials

Coaching for All Stages of Your Journey

Nada Hogan Coaching 4-Part Video Series


Daily Dare Ah Community

Start small with daily inspiration, guidance, and love that helps you take consistent action, supports your progress, and celebrates your achievements

Nada Hogan Coaching Community


Epic Life Community Online Group Coaching

Engage with our Epic Life Community online group coaching to get dedicated support, insight, and tools specially-designed to help you heal and thrive!

Nada Hogan Coaching 3-Month Intensive


Three-Month Intensive Personal Coaching

Shape and sustain your Epic Life path with a Three-Month Intensive Coaching experience that offers comprehensive structure and guidance! 

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Long-Term Personal Coaching Partnership

Propel yourself to deeper meaning & greater significance with a long-term coaching partnership that unlocks your Epic Life without limits!

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7 Days of Inspiration, Guidance & Love

In one week of Daily Dare Ah, I will dare you to dream bigger.

To grow beyond the boundaries of what you know your life to be.

To discover deeper meaning that will propel you to powerful purpose!  

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Create Your Epic Life!

Your loss will become your most powerful and healing story. 

My Heartbreak, Healing, and Hope

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Get 7 days of inspiration, guidance, and love!

Discover what one small step and one FREE week of Daily Dare Ah can do to unlock your Epic Life!

You will receive followup emails from Nada Hogan Coaching. You may opt out at any time. View our Privacy Policy.