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Do yourself a favor and partake in the Crystal Sound Bath!

Please do yourself a favor and partake in the Crystal Sound Bath! Elevated frequencies are what is needed now to stimulate and energize our Authentic… Read more “Do yourself a favor and partake in the Crystal Sound Bath!”


A great help

I have worked with many gifted and well-trained therapists over the years. Nada is more able to surrender and allow the healing to advance at… Read more “A great help”

CorRae L.

Beautiful addition

The addition of B.E.S.T. treatments to my work with Nada has been beautiful. I always leave feeling shifted, positive, energized, and at peace. I’ve felt… Read more “Beautiful addition”

Kelley B.

Amazing world of crystal singing bowls

I can only express my deepest gratitude to Nada for introducing me to the amazing world of crystal singing bowls. Nada is fully in tune… Read more “Amazing world of crystal singing bowls”

Daniela V.

Daily Dare Ah is so fun!

Daily Dare Ah is so fun! I can’t wait to check my email M-F morning to see a new, beautiful video from Nada with an… Read more “Daily Dare Ah is so fun!”

Kelley B.

Highly recommend the sound bath recordings

I highly recommend the sound bath recordings on Nada’s website! The Thunderstorm is an hour-long session of this beautiful crystal bowl music recorded with rain… Read more “Highly recommend the sound bath recordings”

Tom O.

Perfect way to relax and unwind

Nada’s Thunderstorm Singing Bowl Sound Bath recording is a perfect addition to my relaxation music playlist. I love the real outdoor sounds! I feel like… Read more “Perfect way to relax and unwind”


An angel of love, healing, and transformation

Nada Hogan is an angel of love, healing, and transformation. She experienced a loss that would crush most people and instead, used it as a springboard… Read more “An angel of love, healing, and transformation”


Daily Dare Ah came into my life at just the right moment

Daily Dare Ah couldn’t have come into my life in a better moment. I’m transitioning careers and job. The Daily Dare Ah is a great… Read more “Daily Dare Ah came into my life at just the right moment”

Clarita K.

Great tool

This is a great tool for dealing with grief and loss. My belief is that those who have passed over would not want us to… Read more “Great tool”

Linda S.

Helped me get into the zone

Nada’s guided meditation helped me get into the zone! The vibrating sounds of the crystal bowls penetrated every molecule in my body. I left the… Read more “Helped me get into the zone”

Kim R.

Shifted my mood

I recommend the sound bath for relaxation & possibly for a shift in mood. I found a bit of a shift in my dull, depressed… Read more “Shifted my mood”

Katy W.

Touches the soul

I would definitely recommend the singing bowl healing. It is not invasive, it is relaxing. Music touches the soul in a way that nothing else… Read more “Touches the soul”

Teresa H.


There is something magical about the sounds the bowls make. You don’t have to be extraordinarily connected to feel it. The vibrations touch all of… Read more “Magical”

Todd R.

Nada is amazing!

Nada is amazing! She has a light that shines so bright you can’t help to feel great after after leaving.

November 2019 Client

Highly recommended!!

I feel so blessed to be part of a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to a path of personal growth. I love how I can… Read more “Highly recommended!!”


Convenient, empowering, easy to use

Through Nada’s Epic Life Community, I was able to resolve a lot of issues in my life that I realized were repetitive and not healthy… Read more “Convenient, empowering, easy to use”

Kelly B.

The Blessing inside us

Through Nada’s Epic Loss, she has saved me and I am sure so many others. I never knew the light in me could shine so… Read more “The Blessing inside us”

Kathryn W


A good friend recommended Nada and I’m happy to report my friend was absolutely right. Nada is caring, wise, and she has the rare ability… Read more “Extra-ordinary”

Customer since November 2018

There is no one like Nada

Nada is the most caring, thoughtful person I know. She is genuinely interested in her patients and has helped me so much not only with… Read more “There is no one like Nada”

Customer since March 2015

You’ve never met anybody like Nada!

Nada is truly heaven sent. Her practice is holistic; treating the physical, mental and spiritual. She is more PRESENT than any health care provider you… Read more “You’ve never met anybody like Nada!”

Customer since July 2014

Although coaching never crossed my mind, a beautiful friend showed me the benefits of it

Although coaching never crossed my mind, a beautiful friend showed me the benefits of it. At first I thought, “OK, what can it hurt to… Read more “Although coaching never crossed my mind, a beautiful friend showed me the benefits of it”


Great experience

Very relaxing, very kind and warm. Nada is a very sweet and kind hearted soul. I had a very good treatment and would recommend.

Customer since February 2018

What a great experience!

Nada is helping me heal from sudden and total hearing loss in one ear. Nada is a gifted healer and I have total faith in… Read more “What a great experience!”

Customer since May 2016

Nada is truly the best!

Nada is a true healer addressing and will address your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Nada is intuitive, kind and provides tremendous relief from whatever… Read more “Nada is truly the best!”

Customer since July 2014

Excellent Acupuncturist

After one month off from two months of biweekly acupuncture sessions, I really missed the healing effects and body support my time with Nada provided.… Read more “Excellent Acupuncturist”

Customer since January 2018


Every time I meet with Nada I feel better. This is one of the best experiences for mind and body I have ever had. Nada’s… Read more “Outstanding”

Customer since January 2018

The Definition of Healer

I have been going to Nada for years. I have gone to others for acupuncture, but she is by far the best in the metro… Read more “The Definition of Healer”

Customer since July 2013

Great comfortable healing service

Nada took the time to understand my health concerns and comfortably addressed accordingly. Patient comfort and improvement was her number one concern.

Customer since November 2017

Why didn’t I try this before?

I suffered for the last six years or so with chronic neck and back pain. I’ve literally tried everything to help eliminate the pain –… Read more “Why didn’t I try this before?”

Customer since November 2017

Highly Recommend – Consistently goes above and beyond!

Nada Hogan is absolutely doing what her passion and calling are for – and her patients benefit greatly from this as she consistently goes above… Read more “Highly Recommend – Consistently goes above and beyond!”

A Happy Twin Cities Patient

Thank you.

Nada you are the best. Thank you for all of your help and support. You have helped me tremendously.


Thank you for believing enough in others to open their eyes to their calling and dreams

You have such a huge gift and calling on your life. I’m happy to see you are using all God has given you! You bring… Read more “Thank you for believing enough in others to open their eyes to their calling and dreams”

Krista M.


Nada is AMAZING, her knowledge, education, life experiences, kindness, genuine concern for each person, dedication, and most of all a HEALER to my soul, body… Read more “Nada is AMAZING”

Customer since February 2017

Nada offers guidance, care and insights that are life-changing

I met Nada for the first time when I decided to attend the “Breaking the Nut of Fear” workshop at the Aslan Institute in. I… Read more “Nada offers guidance, care and insights that are life-changing”

Daniela v.A

The depth of Nada’s knowledge and intuition really impress me

Nada, you are truly awesome!!! The depth of your knowledge and intuition really impress me. And you are totally right that one should turn into… Read more “The depth of Nada’s knowledge and intuition really impress me”

M. McRae


Had my first acupuncture appointment and Nada explained everything and put me at ease. I am hopeful I will have healing results.

Customer since September 2017

Nada is a natural healer; she is genuine, always positive, and provides enlightening insight

Nada is a natural healer. She is genuine and always positive. Nada provides enlightening insight. She is definitely a dream builder coach helping me through… Read more “Nada is a natural healer; she is genuine, always positive, and provides enlightening insight”

Angie M.


Nada is fabulous and has helped me a great deal. I have recommended her to several people. Her treatments and coaching are top notch, helpful,… Read more “Awesome”

Customer since November 2016

Holistic Healer

Nada is truly the whole package as a health care provider. She loves her work and people and it’s very evident. Providing a wonderful environment… Read more “Holistic Healer”

Customer since July 2014

Healing Body, Mind and Soul

Nada has been the most important person and professional in my recovery from a fall that caused a head injury involving my neck and back.… Read more “Healing Body, Mind and Soul”

Customer since February 2017

Most helpful health professional I’ve known, ever

Nada is thoughtful, real, humorous, nurturing, wise, creative, and so supportive…generous, has good boundaries, and really cares. She has healing, hopeful energy within her and… Read more “Most helpful health professional I’ve known, ever”

Customer since December 2013

Nada is a true healer!

Nada is so enthusiastic and giving of herself, her education, and her healing abilities. Nada treats your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. She individualizes the… Read more “Nada is a true healer!”

Customer since July 2014

Nada helped me change my thoughts, my paradigms, and my fears. I feel so alive again! This course changed my life!

My first experience with Nada began one year ago.  She was recommended to me for acupuncture.  I believe things happen for a reason.  My first… Read more “Nada helped me change my thoughts, my paradigms, and my fears. I feel so alive again! This course changed my life!”

Amy R.

The best

Nada is fabulous. Very inspiring and positive. She has helped me tremendously. Highly recommended for anything that ails or bothers. God Bless.

Customer since November 2016


Nada is just the most wonderful person to work with on all my ailments. Relaxing environment, positive energy, more than just acupuncture – spiritual being… Read more “Wonderful”

Customer since January 2016

This year, my wildest dreams came true, and I couldn’t have done it without Nada

This year, my wildest dreams came true. I decided what I was going to make in 2016 and I surpassed it. I couldn’t have done… Read more “This year, my wildest dreams came true, and I couldn’t have done it without Nada”

Shana G.

Nada is wonderful!

Nada provides the whole package in care. The atmosphere is wonderful with water features and essential oils. Nada is incredibly kind and her practice is… Read more “Nada is wonderful!”

Customer since July 2014

Working with Nada has been a life-changing experience for me

Working with Nada has been a life-changing experience for me both emotionally and physically. Through talking, listening, dialoguing and acupuncture, Nada has given me the… Read more “Working with Nada has been a life-changing experience for me”

Jennifer S.

If you want to live the life of your dreams, you absolutely can do it with Nada

Nada is without a doubt the BEST Life Coach and person I know. I absolutely love Nada and the the DreamBuilder program. Nada has the… Read more “If you want to live the life of your dreams, you absolutely can do it with Nada”


Sweet and knowledgeable

She is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. She is very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable, so I was able to… Read more “Sweet and knowledgeable”

Customer since October 2016

I was able to make quantum leaps when I started working with Nada

Over the years, I’ve done about 100 online programs, 1:1 coaching programs, workshops, retreats, etc. and never found such quick practical results on the physical… Read more “I was able to make quantum leaps when I started working with Nada”

Jen B.

Highly recommend!

Nada is a master at her craft. The environment is ideal for healing with soft sounds playing along with fragrant aromas and the sound of… Read more “Highly recommend!”

Customer since July 2016

A Great Experience

A very relaxing environment. I usually fall asleep. Nada is very committed to your health and wellness.

Customer since October 2015

Excellent Acupuncturist, Healer & Genuine Spiritual Person

Excellent acupuncture and laser healing for stress, emotional, physical, psychic discord & pain. Nada would be the first one to tell you it’s all connected… Read more “Excellent Acupuncturist, Healer & Genuine Spiritual Person”

Customer since March 2015


Nada is a wonderful and compassionate person. She is very knowledgeable. The atmosphere has a lot of warmth and is very relaxing. I highly recommend… Read more “Caring”

Customer since March 2014

A True Healer

Nada is such an incredible, knowledgeable, competent and compassionate health practitioner, words are inadequate to describe her. Her treatments are done in a spa like… Read more “A True Healer”

Customer since July 2014

Pain Relief Angel

Nada is able to help in relieving some of my migraine pain so I can go forward with part of my day. She is an… Read more “Pain Relief Angel”


Nada changed my life!

Nada absolutely changed my life – the acupuncture, TLC and intuitive insights she offers clients are A++. She helped me immensely when I went thru… Read more “Nada changed my life!”

Customer since February 2016

Best acupuncture ever

Nada is exceedingly skilled as an acupuncturist and healer. She’s a kind soul who brings wisdom and compassion to her clients.

Customer since March 2015

Couldn’t be better

I am now a true believer in acupuncture for reliving much arthritic pain . My orthopedic doctors and internist are all for it as well.… Read more “Couldn’t be better”

Customer since May 2015


Nada is wonderful! She is a great listener!!! and has helped me with me and my neck and thumb, and everything else!!!! Highly recommend her!!!!… Read more “Wonderful!”

Customer since September 2014

Wonderfully relaxing!!

Nada is a wonderful lady & natural healer!! She has created a totally relaxing environment with soothing sounds & dim lighting to aid in our… Read more “Wonderfully relaxing!!”

Customer since July 2013

An awesome experience

Nada has created a serene and peaceful setting. She is an attentive and caring practitioner. I would recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture.

Customer since October 2015

Love coming here

Nada us great and a good listener! I felt so much better after the treatment! My thumb doesn’t hurt!!! Or neck!

Customer since February 2016

Love Nada

Love Nada!! I’m not a huge fan of community acupuncture, though. I have a very had time blocking out people talking. I had a session… Read more “Love Nada”

Customer since February 2016


First time with acupuncture and I am hooked . Thanks for the great session. Would like to hear less people talking.

Customer since February 2016

Best acupuncturist & energy/spiritual coach. Ever.

Nada is excellent. Great for stress and pain relief, sleep problems, lung issues. You name it, acupuncture works great.

Customer since March 2015

Very relaxing

I had a very relaxing acupuncture for the purpose of initiating labor since I’m 40 weeks. She stimulated the right areas and I’m hoping for… Read more “Very relaxing”

Customer since February 2016

Overall health issues

Have so many areas needing help and Nada addresses all with great results. So happy to have such a wonderful introduction to acupuncture. Highly recommend.

Customer since May 2015

Great value, great service

While community-style acupuncture was new to me, the experience is just as helpful and relaxing as traditional acupuncture. Issues are resolving, and the price makes… Read more “Great value, great service”

Customer since January 2016

Left feeling stronger

First treatment. Left feeling stronger in legs, one key trouble area in my bodily health. Look for improvement with further treatments. Have a great time… Read more “Left feeling stronger”

Customer since January 2016

Help with several issues

Nada is the best. Don’t bother to go to anybody else. And in addition to acupuncture, she is very knowledgeable about other physical conditions and… Read more “Help with several issues”

Customer since September 2015

I loved it!

I was not very excited on my first visit. But I LOVED IT — Nada is the best!! I have many back issues and I… Read more “I loved it!”

Customer since December 2015

Help with shoulder pain and anxiety

Nada has pleasantly surprised me with the effectiveness of her treatments. I feel much better – muscles are looser and I am more able to… Read more “Help with shoulder pain and anxiety”

Customer since November 2015

Appreciate Nada’s graciousness

I do not know how long Nada has been offering free treatments to us vets, but it is significant and wonderfully helpful. The reduced cost… Read more “Appreciate Nada’s graciousness”

Customer since July 2015

Pain free! I recommend this place

I originally went to Nada for Plantar Fasciitis; I had it for about 2 years and walking was getting harder to do. After about 5… Read more “Pain free! I recommend this place”

Customer since September 2014

Greatly reduced my anxiety

I saw Nada for some treatments while I was pregnant and she greatly reduced my anxiety about what the doctors were claiming made me a… Read more “Greatly reduced my anxiety”

Customer since June 2015

So pleased

I am so pleased I was able to find Nada. She has helped reduce the pain in my shoulder. I have recommended Nada to others.

Customer since October 2015

Helped me so very much

So happy I found Nada. She has helped me so very much and lessened arthritic pain l Only wish I had found her sooner

Customer since May 2015

Always relaxing and pleasant

My sessions at Birch Haven are always relaxing and pleasant. I have recommended Nada to several of my friends with no reservations.

Customer since October 2015

Love Birch Haven!

My anxiety was at a tipping point and I didn’t know how to get back on track. I had done acupuncture before and it helped… Read more “Love Birch Haven!”

Customer since September 2015

Results are improving week by week

I was blessed to be referred to Nada and Birch Haven by a dear friend at Allina’s Penny George Institute. My results are improving week… Read more “Results are improving week by week”

Customer since July 2015

It feels like a miracle to me!!

I have suffered from migraine headaches for years and would take medications that would help some, but would leave me feeling groggy, tired, etc. After… Read more “It feels like a miracle to me!!”

Customer since October 2015


Nada is amazing! She genuinely cares about all of her clients. Her assistant Sarah is a sweetheart too.

Customer since July 2015

The Amazing Nada!!

Words cannot describe the calming and positive energy that exudes from Nada. This place is a haven from the stress and dysfunction of daily life… Read more “The Amazing Nada!!”

Customer since July 2015

Never felt better in my adult life

Being involved with traditional medicine I had never thought much of acupuncture. But when I wasn’t getting results I wanted with traditional treatment, a fellow… Read more “Never felt better in my adult life”

Customer since June 2015

Nada is an absolute delight

Referred to Nada by a fellow practitioner who was booked into September. Very interested to follow my own progress. Accelerating osteoarthritis; all major joints. Residual… Read more “Nada is an absolute delight”

Customer since July 2015

Nada is awesome!!

I would recommend Nada and Birch Haven to everyone. The caring and understanding that Nada gives is without compare. I have had incredible results with… Read more “Nada is awesome!!”

Customer since March 2015


My sessions are all good, but the last session with a change in needle placements was incredible. Thanks Nada, for always asking key questions and… Read more “Incredible”

Customer since September 2014


I used to take 800 mg Ibuprofen every am and every pm. Acupuncture with Nada has eliminated all Ibuprofen and I would have a hard… Read more “Nada is TERRIFIC!”

Customer since July 2014

Wonderful experience!

Nada was so caring and very knowledgeable. I felt very relaxed during the treatment and wonderful afterwards!

Customer since July 2015

Personable, professional, attentive

Birch Haven is one of the best things to happen to Burnsville! Nada is very professional and knowledgeable! I feel like a million bucks when… Read more “Personable, professional, attentive”

Customer since May 2014

Acupuncture at its best

Nada is the most loving, kind, caring, understanding and helpful person I have ever met. I am so relaxed and feel so much better after… Read more “Acupuncture at its best”

Customer since March 2015

Nada is a great healer

Exceptional acupuncturist, healer and person. Lovely environment and she has joyous energy. It’s fun and healing.

Customer since March 2015

Absolute best place for acupuncture

It simply doesn’t come any better than Birch Haven Acupuncture. Nada is truly the most thoughtful and kind practitioner I have ever met and my… Read more “Absolute best place for acupuncture”

Customer since July 2014

Kind, loving, caring

Nada is very knowledgeable about the body, mind and spirit. At first I went to see her for structural ailments and found out I had… Read more “Kind, loving, caring”

Customer since October 2013

Nada is so beyond nice and gentle

I had my first ever acupuncture session and Nada is just amazing; super nice and understanding. The atmosphere was extremely relaxing. Anyone looking for a… Read more “Nada is so beyond nice and gentle”

Customer since May 2015

So amazing!

Great atmosphere, relaxing, great prices and Nada is so friendly and inviting! Definitely going back! Wish I could go every day 🙂

Customer since May 2015

Great, positive healing energy

Really have enjoyed Nada’s great spirit & her passion in Chinese medicine! Would recommend to anyone!

Customer since April 2015

Loving the results

I love how Nada takes the time to go over all of my problems regarding my after effects from Chemo and Radiation. Nada makes me… Read more “Loving the results”

Customer since April 2015

Great and welcoming

I’ve been curious to try acupuncture for a while now because I wasn’t sure what health issues I could manage with it. I’ve only gone… Read more “Great and welcoming”

Customer since April 2015

I love this place!

I went too long between appointments this time, but Nada was able to change the treatment just a bit, so when I left, I felt… Read more “I love this place!”

Customer since September 2013

Excellent acupuncturist and healer

Nada is a healer, provides great acupuncture for physical & mood distress. Really nice environment. I have already recommended her to five people in 3… Read more “Excellent acupuncturist and healer”

Customer since March 2015

Feeling so much better

I have been seeing Nada for about a month now. I am feeling so much better than I have in a long time!!! I have… Read more “Feeling so much better”

Customer since February 2015

Would highly recommend

Nada is amazing to work with. She takes the time to listen and takes great care in the treatments she gives you. She also often… Read more “Would highly recommend”

Customer since November 2014

Excellent results

Nada is wonderful. Compassionate and totally committed to healing. I urge anyone with health issues to try acupuncture. I don’t know how or why it… Read more “Excellent results”

Customer since March 2015


Nada is simply wonderful! Birch Haven is a beautiful warm inviting space for healing. I couldn’t have asked for a better treatment! Community style acupuncture… Read more “Outstanding!”

Customer since March 2015


I am so happy I found Nada – she’s a very caring and compassionate person and a great listener. Love my treatments, which have helped… Read more “Fabulous”

Customer since March 2014

Nada is a healer

Acupuncture has improved my health 100 fold, and Nada is the best practitioner you could ever hope for. She is very in tune with each… Read more “Nada is a healer”

Customer since July 2014

So happy I found Nada!

I’m so happy I found Nada! To anyone who has been thinking of trying acupuncture: you will be so thankful that you did.

Customer since January 2015

Very pleasant

My first visit was very pleasant. Nada automatically makes you feel at ease. The process is painless and relaxing. I will be looking forward to… Read more “Very pleasant”

Customer since February 2015

Natural healing

I’ve never had so many ailments eliminated or decreased in pain (so far) as I have with acupuncture. I truly believe in natural healing, herbs,… Read more “Natural healing”

Customer since September 2014

The best

I would and have recommended Nada to anyone and everyone that would benefit from acupuncture. She is so, so good!

Customer since July 2014

Helpful and awesome

She’s very helpful and does an awesome job. I always look forward to seeing her as she helps with alternatives when things seem to not… Read more “Helpful and awesome”

Customer since March 2014


Nada and her company have been a wonderful and needed addition to the South Metropolitan area. I would recommend the services to everyone.

Customer since April 2014

Health restored

Nada is kind and compassionate, her expertise has been a big factor in helping me restore my health and well-being, and manage an autoimmune disease.

Customer since March 2014

Awesome ambience and treatments

If you are looking for relief of discomfort of any kind, Nada can help you. Words just cannot describe the wonderfulness of this healing setting.… Read more “Awesome ambience and treatments”

Customer since July 2014

Relieved muscle tension

Nada’s quick and accurate assessment helped to bring me and my muscle systems back into a calm state of being. Pain gone.

Customer since December 2014


What a wonderful place. I have gotten so much relief from going to acupuncture. Nada is the most caring person I have ever met. I… Read more “Outstanding”

Customer since October 2013


What a great place! Nada has worked with my sore shoulder and what a difference it has made. I would highly recommend acupuncture. Nada is… Read more “Wonderful”

Customer since November 2013

A great experience

Birch Haven is an oasis of serenity. Nada is very attentive to your comfort and concerns. Nada is great.

Customer since July 2014

Incredible skill and immediate results

I went in with significant pain in my back and left feeling 90% better. Returned for follow-up treatment the next day and am 100% healed.… Read more “Incredible skill and immediate results”

Customer since September 2014

Simply the best

I had to take a hiatus for a few months from seeing Nada (due to time constraints) but just went back yesterday. OMG, did I… Read more “Simply the best”

Customer since July 2014

Acupuncture and ambience A+++

Nada is a truly caring and wonderful person. Her treatments are so effective. Acupuncture has improved my health in so many ways, there isn’t enough… Read more “Acupuncture and ambience A+++”

Customer since July 2014

Nada is the best!

I was referred to Nada at Birch Haven, and I have referred many more! Nada is so very compassionate and concerned about the well-being of… Read more “Nada is the best!”

Customer since August 2014

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