Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath: November 30

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath :: November 30

Release your mind, your worry, and your stress. Be fully present with your body and your breath.

What if you could relax after the craziness of Black Friday, and prepare your mind, body, and spirit for the busyness of the holiday season in a healthy and unintrusive way?

You can! On November 30, 2019, Nada Hogan is offering an alchemy crystal singing bowl sound bath at the Metamorphosis Center in Savage, Minnesota.  (A second sound bath is coming in December!)

Bathe in Vibrational Healing

Alchemy crystal singing bowls form a sacred geometry on a recording sound board, allowing you to bathe in vibrational healing. The vibrations and sounds go where words and touch cannot! 

In this sacred sound bath, you will return to your natural frequency of joy, vitality, and flow by engaging your chakra and endocrine systems.

When we are lovingly wrapped in vibrational healing, we are actively participating in creating our lives, and becoming more intentional, more mindful, and more connected to ourselves and love.

We leave the sound bath feeling a deeper meaning to our life and our purpose, a deeper sense of well-being, and an amplified, grounded inner peace.

Harmonize Your Heart and Mind

Your only job at the sound bath is to relax and drift away to places that fill your soul, rejuvenate your dreams and passions, and harmonize your heart and mind.

For 75 minutes you get to let go and just be!

You will be lying down during the sound bath, so dress in loose clothing and bring a yoga mat, pillow(s), and a blanket. Register now! 

The event is finished.

Nov 30 2019
6:30 pm - 7:45 pm


The Metamorphosis Center
The Metamorphosis Center
8646 Eagle Creek Cir, Suite 101, Savage, MN 55378


Nada Hogan, LAc, MAOM
Nada Hogan, LAc, MAOM
(651) 245-8051
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