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Sometimes we want to ease into things. If you’re not ready to tackle an online course, you still might want to surround yourself with others who are pursuing epic lives. I can help with that!

Through my Epic Life Community, you can nurture your transformation with fellow travelers who know your struggle and, like you, are committed to a new way of living!

In this community, you’ll discover not only what is possible, but what is probable. You’ll turn heartbreak into hope, and move with love and purpose toward the life you have always dreamed of! Imagine how it would feel:

  • To wake fully rested and excited, and have more energy throughout the day!
  • To have deeper and richer relationships that nourish and feed your soul and your dreams! 
  • To know there is a completely different way to live your life, where you say, several times a day, “I love my life,” with absolute conviction!
  • To discover that you have REAL superpowers inside of you that you can use at your command!
  • To know that your departed loved one is being fully honored, loved, and brought forward with you while you build your new, epic life!

This online community experience is an incredible value, offering you multiple hours of professional guidance and support each month – a $797 value – for a fraction of the cost. For just $47 a month, you get:

  • Regular access to a certified coach. My years of study, training, and success as a DreamBuilder® Coach and Life Mastery™ Consultant, coupled with my own experience transforming heartbreak into healing, will guide you to your most outrageously passionate life!
  • Daily inspiration. Each day I’ll answer questions from the previous day, and offer an uplifting message to focus your energy toward your dreams.
  • Weekly meetings. Every week we will meet for one hour in a private, online meeting room to explore how to navigate from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Weekly videos. Each week I will upload a new teaching video to further support and augment our meeting discussions. These videos are available to you for unlimited viewing.
  • Ongoing support. You will be able to log in, any time, to share frustrations, fears, and worries, as well as excitement, Ah Ha’s, and wins. As a group, we will continually encourage you!
  • Results! The things you thought you could never do, or be, or have, actually become part of your life. You truly begin living your dreams! On purpose!! 

Here’s what current Epic Life Community members say about their experience:

Highly recommended!!

I feel so blessed to be part of a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to a path of personal growth. I love how I can always find support and inspiration when I am in need. The group allows for creativity, ideas, and innovation in how we come together to reach our goals. Nada offers a palpable attention of loving guidance, always keeping us on track, while holding a safe space. I am so grateful for Nada and my team. Highly recommended!!


Convenient, empowering, easy to use

Through Nada’s Epic Life Community, I was able to resolve a lot of issues in my life that I realized were repetitive and not healthy for me. Now I no longer focus on issues that used to bother me. I am healthier, happier, and able to move forward in what I truly want! This convenient and affordable online group coaching format is fun, empowering, and easy to use. I appreciate the fast feedback and group interaction. I am now going on my fifth month of participating. Thank you to my group and Nada!

Kelly B.

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My Heartbreak, Healing, and Hope

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