Joanne King: Mindfulness – Part 1

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Joanne King: Mindfulness – Part 1

Take 25 minutes over lunch to feed your soul!

Joanne King lives on the island of Maui, where she works as a counselor in psychology focused on health and wellness.

Joanne has a Master of Arts degree in counseling psychology, has foundational and advanced training in mindfulness, and is a certified yoga teacher.  With her unique perspective and skillset, Joanne is able to counsel, mentor, and advise others from diverse backgrounds, while helping to empower them in their lives, relationships, and work.

Her therapy practice uses a holistic approach, incorporating mind, body, and integrative medicine for health and well-being. Joanne has also developed a Mindful Eating program called Ditch the Diet for Life. It’s grounded in cutting-edge psychology, and is different from anything you may have tried before.

With her mindful grounding in the here and now, she provides nonjudgmental support, while remaining focused on each person’s unique needs. 

In the first part of their conversation on Dare Ah New Belief, Nada and Joanne discuss: 

  1. What mindfulness is, and how to be mindful.
  2. Finding clarity in your life with mindfulness by not focusing on the past or the future.
  3. We have the power to heal ourselves.
  4. Beliefs drive us, and those beliefs are instilled at a very young age.

Key takeaways: 

  • Look at things with curiosity and without judgment
  • We think the same thoughts 70 – 80% of the time, every single day
  • Our minds have a propensity for negative thinking to protect us; once we become aware of those negative thoughts, we take back our power
  • We can deliberately rewire limiting beliefs through neuroplasticity

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