Kathleen Scherek: Sacred Parenting – Part 1

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Kathleen Scherek: Sacred Parenting – Part 1

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Kathleen Scherek is an award-winning educator, author, and Sacred Parenting Coach. She mentors pregnant and new parents, grandparents, and child professionals who care for young children in the first 7 years of life. For more than 30 years, Kathleen has studied neuroscience, child development, energy psychology, vibrational health, quantum physics, and world religions. She has been a top international consultant to Fortune 200 companies, is a former university associate dean, and has advised the Walton and Gates Foundations about innovation in education. Co-founder of a Montessori-based school that has served thousands of families, she is a founding board trustee of several foundations.

In the first part of their conversation on Dare Ah New Belief, Nada and Kathleen discuss: 

  1. Seven years of sacred that begins at preconception.
  2. The consciousness it takes to be around our young.
  3. Sacred parenting: The sweet spot where science and spirit meet.
  4. Our heart sensing abilities.
  5. Paying attention to what we lean into with our children.

Key takeaways: 

  • Our young children are constantly giving us clues as to who they are.
  • Sacredness exists somewhere in the middle between children not understanding what we are saying or doing, and treating them like they are fully grown adults.
  • We have soul agreements with our children. We have chosen each other.
  • Our inner senses can bring even deeper and greater joy than the outer five senses.
  • Our response to our children in a stressful moment will determine how that child will see themselves in the future.

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