Susan Eva: Working with Energy – Part 2

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Susan Eva: Working with Energy – Part 2

Take an hour over lunch to nourish your soul!

See Susan’s bio and listen to Part 1 of Nada and Susan’s Dare Ah New Belief conversation here.

In Part 2 of this two-part series, Nada and Susan discuss: 

  1. Our own magnificence
  2. Misperceptions and how that interferes with our lives
  3. What happens when we sit with our uncomfortable feelings
  4. Conscious breathing
  5. Building circuitry to live in the flow vs managing problems

  Key takeaways: 

  • We’ve operated our life from inside of our head, not inside of our body
  • When we allow the mind to write the story, it will increase the pain, the unforgivable, etc.
  • In truth, nothing is missing, nothing is broken
  • We came here to experience joy, bliss, and adventure
  • Breath is spirit in the body

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Bridging ancient healing practices with cutting-edge science, The Energy Codes offers a detailed roadmap to help you experience deep healing in your life.  Grounded in practical, accessible exercises including yoga, breathwork, meditations, and Dr. Morter’s proprietary B.E.S.T. protocol, The Energy Codes will help you activate untapped energy and neuro-circuitry in your body, empower your hidden potential, and become one with your true, essential self.

Be sure to listen to Working with Energy – Part 1 as well!

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